Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I dare say that this is the first time that I have got time much alone time to myself in my life. Never had I got this before. Previously, this is exactly what I wished for and now I have it - so much of it. Too much of it actually that it is slowly killing me.

I begin each day... curled in my bed... unable to get out of it...


Only with the desperation of hunger am I able to get out of my bed... scurrying to find any food to fill me up. Once I have satisfied my hunger, I wonder to myself - just what am I to do now. Just what exactly is my purpose for getting myself into this situation. As my mind wanders off, I find myself lying on my bed again... 


Sigh, many days have passed like this one. I am one with no aim and purpose. No reason nor destiny. Just a walking corpse, slowly aging and rotting away. Ignorant of the world and insignificant in their eyes, I shall await my end that draw nears every second...


All I ask is that this pain, this suffering be brought away from me as swiftly as possible. Sigh...

Note : These pictures were taken from the British Museum. There was no intention in offending anyone (in the past, present or future) in the use of these pictures. If you are able, please visit the British Museum as it houses many artifacts and relics from around the world. And cause it's free to enter. And you can take as many pictures as you want!

Between the two genders 2 - I kissed a girl

So I finally settled with this name for this series. Pretty corny, I know but let's move on to the main point that I want to get to.

I was watching Youtube that day (I pretty much do it everyday cos I am that free) and I came across a show that I really enjoy. If you haven't watched it before it's the PhillipdeFranco show and he's a pretty interesting person that talks about the current news and gossips. In one of the episodes, he mentioned about a research that was conducted in one of the universities, presumably by people who just have too much time in their hands. That research concluded that if you're a guy and your girlfriend kisses another girl, you won't be as angry compared to if she kissed another guy. Of course I assume this was given the assumption that she still wants to be with you. And apparently it also holds for women as well.

At that point I was thinking, yea, that's true. If I had a girlfriend that went and kissed another girl, I won't be that pissed - hell, I might not even be pissed at all. But obviously if she kissed another guy, I'll just turn into the Hulk and do something violent...

 Imagine something violent here.

Well, I actually might just run to a corner and cry, but that's besides that point. I'm left to wonder why does it trigger such a different reaction. Well, the argument is that she kissed another girl - so there probably won't be anything that would come out of it. It was really just a one off thing.

Another argument would be that when two person do something it's fine (like groping?) but when you through in two different genders then you would get some problems (or a new life). It may be true but I feel that kissing cannot be compared to groping or tickling because it's a strong sign of affection. But perhaps I'm just being conservative and everyone should be allowed to kiss (or french kiss) friends as common as they hug each other. I'm actually alright with that if it were to happen. Hmm...

But the fact still stands, which is that she kissed someone, be it guy or girl, out of the relationship when she was supposedly committed to be exclusive to one person. So technically, if she kissed a girl or a boy, there really shouldn't be any difference in my reaction. But clearly that is not what is happening.

In any case, I really can't say I would know how a girl would react when her boyfriend kisses another guy. I could try kissing a guy but that would probably freak me out more than her finding out. It is probably almost as bad as kissing an old lady. That I really cannot and hope not to do ever in my life. *Keeping my fingers crossed*


Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day 2011

So, Valentine's Day is fast approaching and people around the world are quickly preparing for it already. Or at the very least, getting into the mood of it.

This is Twitter's Trending Topics for today, yes TODAY - for almost a whole day, people all around the world have been twitting about #agoodboyfriend. As I browse through some of them, there were several mentions of how people are getting into the mood of Valentine's, hence that's where I got the idea from.

Funny though that there is absolutely no mention of #agoodgirlfriend. Perhaps they don't exist? Or maybe it's because guys have much better ways to spend their time (like work) rather than twitting about how their dream/current partners should be or are. Lol

Anyways, I know it's early but have a great Valentine's Day - whether you're single or not, have a good one!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011

Saw this being posted by some friends on facebook. Once again, another great commercial for CNY. This really amazes me as every year, there would be at least one great commercial that would either humor or touch our hearts.

Sigh, I would want to make mine happy too. But not year I guess... some time soon I hope. This year would mark the fifth year that I could not share a CNY dinner with my family. I hope to end that streak real soon and share a meal with my loved ones...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Black Swan Review

Having gained numerous good reviews and being anticipated to do well at the next Academy Awards and Oscars, this movie was at the top of my list to watch. I of course, did not hear in detail what the movie was about - I just heard it was good. That's it. Needless to say, at the end of the movie I was completely freaked out. The fact that this was a psychological horror film took me by surprise as I was expecting something else completely. I was expecting this was a ballet theme movie induced with some drama and a hint of lesbian action. It was not as I would expect.

This movie is a dark portrayal of a girl (Nina) swarm by the pressure and anxiety of being the lead dancer in a play that she is involved in. She manages to get the leading role but finds difficulty in it as the lead dancer would have to portray both a White Swan and a Black Swan, basically two very conflicting parts. Nina does the White Swan effortlessly but is unable to be the Black Swan due to her personality and her inability to 'let herself loose', In comes Lily who could portray the Black Swan amazingly. Feeling that her position was being threatened by Lily, Nina succumbs to the pressure and finds a dark side within her. Coincidentally she starts seeing a 'Black Swan' version of herself, a much darker side that haunts her and causes her to hurt herself. But because of this new side of her, she manages to pull off the most amazing performance as both the White Swan and the Black Swan.

Alright, so that was a little about the movie. Now on to other parts. Natalie Portman was spectacular. She completely show a side that I have never seen before. Her ability to really capture the emotions of Nina really got to me. I have absolutely no surprise to why so many critics have said that her acting here was worthy of an award. However, I would give more credit to the director (Darren Aronofsky). He was able to bring this movie to the audience in a very different way. It was extremely graphic and gross but it was very engaging to watch. For me, it was really interesting to see conflicts between the White and Black Swan in the play and the conflict between Nina and her dark side.

I'm going to keep this review short as trying to recall the movie still freaks me out. There were some scenes in there that just reminded me of Japanese horror films where you can see a scary-ass girl everywhere or in every dark corner or right after you look away from a mirror and look back. So yes, watch it please. It is a good movie but be warned - it is a horror movie. Very graphic and gross.

Best Part of the Movie - Definitely the romance scenes between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.When Mila was touching Natalie in the cab. Or when Mila went down on Natalie and Nat's face was all orgasmic and there were screams... OMG Those parts were the only parts that I wish were more graphic.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Between the two genders - Of Men... and the opposite kind.

Right, so recently I started reading a book called 'Why men want sex and women need love" by Allan & Barbara Pease. So far most of what they say (the more interesting parts at least) seem true to me. So I would recommend anyone to get it and read it. It is a really good book - it brings out the truth about relationships in a way that you can really understand and relate to, with a good amount of humour inserted as well. I haven't really completed the book yet, but it really got me thinking about relationships in general and I decided to express some of my thoughts about it here. Note that some part of the discussion is from the book (in Italic) but mostly it would be my opinions and that doesn't really reflect what the book is about. So don't get turned off from reading the book if you don't agree with what I'm saying.

One part of the book mentions that men are more of the visual type of person. They tend to see judge women based of what they see. While women judge men based on what they can recall about them.

I absolutely agree with the book. I mean, I'm a guy and for me it's all about the visual part that really brings out the attraction in a woman. Yes, there is the whole part where being able to have a good conversation and connect, but the first attraction really comes from the visual department. For me, when I do see a hot pretty girl across the room, from what I see - if I do like what I see, I can pass judgment already on whether I would be in a relationship with her. Does this sound familiar? Love at first sight perhaps? For men, sight is mostly what drives the first attraction.

See anything you like? Haha these pictures are just to prove my point (or for my viewing pleasure). Now moving on to women.  And no, I won't be putting any pictures of hot topless guys. You girls probably have a tonne of those stored in your hard drive or are being hung as posters on the walls.

A woman would recall things then pass judgment on whether she would be in a relationship with a guy. Many questions would be asked in her head:
"What did he say? What did he do? How did he look like? How did I feel when he said/did those things? "
 She would go through a much more complex process of thought as compared to a guy.

He would just ask...
"Is she hot/pretty? Is she both hot and pretty? Nice... hehe"

So there you have it, two different ways of thinking before getting into a relationship. But that's understandable right? because men and women are definitely very different in the first place. Yes that's true but then a 'problem' arises from the difference.

When a girl and a guy gets together. A relationship blossoms and they're both really happy. Good. But at the start of the relationship we have to take into account two things.
  1. He just saw her. Thought she was hot. And so he would get into a relationship with her.
  2. She recalled many things about him before getting into that relationship. Meaning there must have been enough interactions for her to recall that many things. Also, she really gave it a good thought on his personality, behavior and other aspect before committing. So not only did she gave it some time before committing, she thought it out thoroughly as well.
So the relationship starts, then the problem arises. The guy, who only got together based on what he saw, start to get to know the girl better and finds out more about the girl. But then he realizes that he can't really stand her personality, habit or other areas that he didn't really know about prior to the relationship.  Hence, he ends the relationship. The girl is left there, feeling hurt wondering what went wrong. Her feelings really get hurt because she really put in a lot of effort into making sure this was the right guy before committing to him. Then he leaves her for no real reason (or if he's honest enough, because he doesn't really like her habits/personality).

And this scenario has happened often. So often that many girls have the mentality that guys are jerks in relationships. And they spread it to other girls as well. So that's the problem. Now I'm not offering an explanation to why some guys are jerks. Though I must admit that it would be convenient for a Player to say that the reason he's hopping around so many girls (and breaking their hearts) is because he's genetically structured that way. I'm just opening up the fact that there are different views between men and women and a possible scenario that it may cause.

But I must say that this scenario is getting less frequent around me. Perhaps it is because of the culture here or because the people at my age tends to start settling down. Either way, it's good to see less people getting hurt from relationships.

PS - I would be making this a sort of series as I feel I have loads of thoughts as I read through the book. And also to address the issue in the previous few posts, I still do not know how guys can pretend to have an orgasm especially in an oral sex scenarios. Perhaps they have a packet of mayonnaise ready as a substitute? I really don't know...


Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Review

Ok, just spent a good 5 minutes looking for a picture with a big lion's head in it. Here we are. So, I watched this movie a couple of weeks back. I had to admit that it have been ages since I last read the book or watched the first two movies, so my memory needed some refreshing. Despite all that though, I found this movie to be pretty darn enjoyable.

Firstly, the casts are pretty much the same from the past movies. Except that this time the two elder ones (can't really remember their names) do not join in the fun and it is up to Lucy and Edward to take charge. Unlike the other two, this time Narnia isn't really in any harm. Instead they set sail on apparently the best boat in Narnia to seek out 7 people who were loyal followers of King Caspian's father. Then they run into an even deeper plot where they had to battle it out with some evil entity that exist in a form of green smoke. They win of course and at the end, Aslan (the lion) appears and gets the honour of the final speech despite not doing much throughout the movie.

The graphics were amazing. There were enough vibrant colours to make the screen come alive. It was truly an enjoyment for the eyes. I also really liked it that the movie did not seem draggy at all.

Alright, downside... cliche storyline and ending. There was no moment of suspense as I knew for sure that they will all survive and be happy ever after. Also, no eye candy. No casts in there were even close to being half as hot as the likes of Megan Fox or Jess Alba (pre pregnancy or post pregnancy, whichever you fancy). Thankfully King Caspian was there to save my eyes. But coming back to the storyline, I didn't really expect much from as it was based on a kid's book.

Overall I would recommend watching this movie if you're already a fan of the Narnia Chronicles. If you're looking for a romance or comedy or action. Looking somewhere else, this movie lacks in all those areas. But if you're looking for some light viewing that offers great visuals, then this is a movie for you. Or if you're stuck babysitting a kid, then this would be suitable.

Best Part of the Movie : When Reepicheep crossed over to Aslan's country, never to return again. So... sad. I'll miss that mouse. I think the mouse going to that country translates to going to heaven - that explains the sadness.


Happy 2011

It is a new year! And from what I have been reading via facebook and twitter, many people have been setting new resolutions/goals for them to achieve. I haven't done mine yet actually, haha but I do want to make some changes to this blog.

The first is that I do hope that I will spend more time on this beloved place that I can write anything I want to write about. Second is that I will not be putting any more updates on myself here. This blog will be exclusively packed with all my other thoughts or random events that have happened. I'll keep how I feel and what I'm thinking to another source. Finally, I'll try my best to write more reviews on the movies and books that I have been indulging myself in lately. That's all the changes for me so far.

I'm sure many people had a wonder time celebrating the new year with either their family or friends. I spent mine in a bar, gulping down my most favourite beer in the world. Guinness. Love it so much and of course it is nice to find others who do share my enjoyment for the stout. Several random facts about Guinness :
  1.  Arther Guinness is a genius.
  2. Guinness is actually not black in colour. It is ruby red under a source of light.
  3. It is utterly imperative that the foam settles on the top of the stout before serving.
  4. The logo on the Guinness pint glass is actually an indicator of when you should stop pouring to let the foam settle.
On the day itself, there was a parade!



This is actually my first time seeing this parade, it then hit me that I have not actually been in London for the past few new years. But like any other parade, I got bored after 10 minutes or so...


Saw this in the tube. This is so... cool. It is like a freaking screen rotating portable laptop. It's like an Ipad, but with a real keyboard. The rotating process looks awesome. 
And finally, a picture of what I've been up to for the past few days... roaming around London via public transportations, shopping but not really buying anything.


That's not me but that's how it was for me too. Waiting for the tube to come...

Anyways, Happy 2011 to anyone who still reads this! :)